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What We Offer At JDS 

Bespoke workshops and group sessions tailored to specific client requirements. 
Having worked with many importers and exporters, I have first-hand examples of how quickly things can go wrong and how better preparation at the outset would prevent potential financial loss situations. 
The topic areas listed are designed to provide valuable information so avoiding a shout for help! I also have access to a network of key strategic partners in specialist areas, ensuring that clients have access to the best quality advice and support when trading internationally. 

Achieving success when exporting 

Identify the planning stages and preparation needed to export successfully. 

Export and Import risk mitigation 

Explore what the key risks are and how best to mitigate them 

How to develop and create a good export plan and strategy 

Explore what a good export plan and strategy looks like 

How key business functions need work together to deliver success 

Examines the interaction between Sales, Finance, Manufacturing and Shipping 

The Trade Cycle and payment risks, and managing these within the supply chain 

Identify where the risks are and how they can be managed 

Understanding the Methods of Payment used in international trade 

Examine the different products used for international trade and how they can be used effectively 

Overview of banking processes and appetite to lend 

Identify what the banks want from you to help secure financing 

Provide a review of your existing international trade strategy 

Conduct an overview your international business and make recommendations where deemed necessary 
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